Seconde Peau


BBiologique Recherche treatment Seconde Peau has recently been introduced in the world of professional skin care. Inspired by medical procedures in treating patients with serious skin burns, Seconde Peau is actually a mask that contains medical hyaluronic acid (80%) which is obtained in the process of making threads.

Hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid is a superior molecule that binds a thousand times bigger water weight than its own molecular weight.
Clinical, pharmaceutical quality hyaluronic acid in Seconde Peau mask is purer and 40 times more concentrated than hyaluronic acid in traditional cosmetics products.
Due to very low molecular weight (77kDa), it has extraordinary regenerative characteristics, stimulates the synthesis of collagene and reduces the number and depth of wrinkles.


It took ten years of research to apply the first machine for inserting hyaluronic acid threads.
Seconde Peau plaster production starts with inserting pure hyaluronic acid in thread machine that works in the same way like 3D printer. Thanks to this incredible innovative procedure of weaving nanothreads of hyaluronic acid, we get a base for Seconde Peau plasters. This way the first cosmetics mask was made. Serum Seconde Peau speeds up spreading hyaluronic acid that plasters contain and gives the effect of skin lifting and tightening.


Seconde Peau treatment speeds up cell renewal and enhances the process of cicatrisation with the aim of achieving instant effect of skin tightening.
It enhances cohesion, hardness and density of tissue and at the same time contours face:

  • width of epidermis lesion is reduced by 22%
  • epidermis wound closure is improved by 70%

* ex vivo research lasting for eight weeks conducted by independent centar for biological research and experiments and carried out on human skin .

This treatment represents an alternative to injections and it is recommended for all types of mature skin with visible flaws as the result of aging process.

Three treatments are recommended with the pause of one week which should be repeated every three months.



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