Regardless of the indication and cartridge used during the treatment the following results are obvious after each treatment:
  • Smooth and shiny skin with even texture and tone
  • Reduced pores, fine face lines and pores
  • Scars are less visible
Compared to other treatments, DermaFrac has the following advantages:
  • This treatment is done without anaesthesia
  • After treatment there are no visible changes on skin (redness, bleeding)
  • There is no need for recovery
  • Regulation of vacuum pressure enables precise adjustment of penetration depth/injection depth
  • Compared to other injection methods (dermaroller, dermapen…) these treatments are two or three times faster. The construction itself enables precise needling without pain and bleeding
  • Simultaneous needle therapy and injection into skin under vacuum leads to extension of dermal matrix and pain receptors making treatment pleasant
  • Needle heads are for one use only so there is no risk of infection
Dermafrac gives the best effects for the following skin imperfections:
  • Skin wrinkles and big pores;
  • UV rays damages
  • Uneven tan and stains
  • Acne scars
  • Scars and stretch marks
  • Mature skin (anti-aging, increasing epidermis density);
  • Loss of elasticity (general skin health and dehydration)
Vacuum gently takes skin into heads of needles to certain skin depth

Penetration depth is precisely adjusted by vacuum intensity so that the top of microneedle is in skin under dermis – epidermis layer but above capillaries and nerve ending which is the reason why there is no pain and bleeding.

By moving the hand along the part of skin that is being treated, coil rotates and 180 needles placed on it penetrate into skin evenly and continuously.

On the other hand, needles on the opposite part of coil are in contact with cartridge so they transfer the agent and injects it during penetration.


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Derma Frac
Deram frac
Deram frac
Deram frac
Deram frac




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