Laser Center Gala is an exclusive aesthetics center equipped in accordance with world’s standards and employing only educated and professional medical personnel.
We are located in one of the most beautiful and popular parts of Belgrade, at Belgrade Waterfront, just by the river. .

We are proud to be using medical and aesthetic lasers and technology of the most prestigious manufacturers in the world.
Apart from that, our devices are the most modern ones and most of them are used in Serbia for the first time.


Educated personnel with professional approach.

Face and body care

Face and body care

Exclusive location

Belgrade Waterfront

Zerona laser

Zerona laser is the first cold laser for removing fat and body contouring without side effects that always appear after surgery liposuction.

Laser works in a way that it punctures membrane cells and starts the process of emptying its content, so lipids i.e. fat are freed from cells, fat cell loses its volume and collapses. The content of fat cell flows into lymphatic system and is excreted from the body in normal detoxication process.

Venus Viva

Superior RF deep penetration (up to 500 micrones) generates heat in dermis, renews collagen and tissue which results in fresh and young look of skin.

  • During the Venus Viva treatment, radiofrequency energy penetrates through outer layer of skin and reaches dermis
  • This energy forms heat that enhances natural process of healing
  • This further leads to creating new collagen and stimulates fibroplast – the main connective tissue of cells
  • The result is tightened skin which is smooth and looks young and fresh.

Venus Legacy

Venus Legacy™ is the first and the only medical – aestethics device with FDA certificate which uses 4D™ technology combining:

  • Multipolar radio-frequency (RF
  • Pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF)
  • VariPulse ™ technology (VP)
  • Thermal Feedback graph

Venus Velocity

The most modern laser for permanent hair removal, easier to use than any other device offers treatments which are faster, more comfortable and safer for all types of skin.

  • Optimal wavelength of 800 nm
  • Maximum power of 2400 W
  • Energy density up to 100 J/cm2


Dermafrac gives the best effects for the following skin imperfections:

  • Skin wrinkles and big pores
  • UV rays damages
  • Uneven tan and stains
  • Acne scars
  • Scars and stretch marks
  • Mature skin (anti-aging, increasing epidermis density);
  • Loss of elasticity (general skin health and dehydration)

Foto Finder

Foto finder is a gold standars in dermathology for making clinical pictures and diagnostics of whole body and face.
It enables a precise analysis by following the parametres such as pores, redness, pigmentation, UV damages, imperfections and wrinkles. It analyses whole body and follows body contouring.

Each client gets clinical picture free of charge and after each treatment as well as series of treatments we follow parametres which are important for both of us in order to achieve what you want.


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14 Hercegovacka Street, Belgrade, Tower B, 4th floor of Belgrade Waterfront


In our Center you will find the most modern lasers that are used to deal with and solve any aesthetics problem that modern men and women find bothering them.



Monday – Friday 8-21h
Saturday 10-18h
Closed on Sundays


+381 (0)62 28 79 38 ili
+381 (0)11 40 20 990

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